About Us

Our Craft Kits Are A Fun and Relaxing Activity for the Whole Family
Having a creative outlet as well as an active lifestyle is essential to keeping the body healthy and the mind sharp as we age. Our craft kits is an exciting way to nurture children’s imagination and creativity, letting them express their artistic potential alone or among siblings and peers. In a digital world dominated by screens and electronics, our kits offer a soothing means of bringing out the precious inner creativity of a child. Parents and children can bond and connect over these fun family activities!

Craft Kits are fun, relaxing, inspiring, and stress-relieving all at the same time. It’s for anyone who loves art and nature, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re good at it or not... craft kits bring joy to budding new artists and seasoned paintbrush pros alike. It’s the perfect group activity for classrooms, summer camps, babysitting, and keeping the kids occupied while the adults hang out. Dezzy’s Workshop Kit’s are a great gift for boys and girls ages 6 and up. Not only will children practice color-matching and build fine motor skills, they will also practice sharing, cooperation, companionship, teamwork, and resourcefulness – all while having a blast together!  

We are a small family business specializing in fun and creative craft kits for our kids. In a world dominated by digital screens, we strive our best to bring out our kids imaginations and inner creativity so that they can express themselves and bring joy to everyone. As parents, we tend to be busy with our daily schedules but taking the time to spend some quality time with our kids and completing fun craft activities is priceless.